About Us

MyMail is the gold standard in private and secure email services.

Who needs MyMail?

  • People who must comply with the following laws or regulations:
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • People for whom private and secure communications are a moral, ethical, or legal obligation, such as:
    • Attorneys; members of the American Bar Association (ABA).
    • People involved in finance: stock brokers, certified public accountants, bankers, investment advisors.
  • People who value private and secure communications
    • Businesses, associations, government bodies
    • People involved in the Constitutional Citizen Movement
    • Co-workers, family & friends
    • People who want to free themselves from the plague of spam.
  • Who need MyMail? Everyone who cares about privacy and security.

MyMail's Secure Email Features

  • Truly easy to use; privacy and security processes are invisible to the user.
  • Each email message is uniquely encrypted. Other encryption methods use the same encryption keys to encrypt all data, causing repetitive patterns which can be detected and used to access to all data.
  • User credentials (username and password) are used to open each encrypted message.
  • Each email message is encrypted with a dynamically generated encryption key.
  • The encryption keys and email data reside on separate, secure systems in separate, secure locations.
  • All communication between the user and MyMail´s email service occurs over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.
  • Overall security increases as the amount of email message received and stored increases.
    (Analogy: Shredding only confidential information allows anyone with access to the shredded material access to only confidential information. On the other hand, shredding all information (confidential and non-confidential) makes it nearly impossible to recover the original confidential information. Having each and every email message individually and uniquely encrypted ­ whether confidential or not – makes breaking into a MyMail user´s email box ever more unlikely as the amount of data stored increases.)
  • Uses MyMail´s patented and patent-pending technologies.
  • Certified by Angelo State University, host of the State of Texas Secure Data Center.

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