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FISA deal worries privacy groups
Published: 2008-06-18
Civil-rights groups teamed up this week with small-government supporters to slam a reported compromise that would revamp the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and allow telecommunications firms to sidestep lawsuits over their role in aiding the Bush Administration's extensive wiretap program.

Breach-notification laws not working?
Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2008-06-25
Indepth Research fails to find a correlation between states with disclosure laws and reduced identity theft, suggesting the best defense for concerned citizens is to take action themselves.

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LLC Manager - Robert T. Derby

  • Executive of Intel Corporation (1976-1988)
  • VP Sales for 3 (IPO) companies (Weitek, Neomagic, Cyrix)
  • Co-founder of two successful private companies (Ethertronics and MyMail Ltd.)

Inventor - Thomas Selgas

  • Inventor of several essential Internet technologies
  • Inventor of the 386/486 upgrade microprocessor
  • Intel Corporation's first systems engineer

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