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NetSafe℠ and How It Works?

NetSafeSM is an anti-spam and anti-unsolicited email message filtering system. It allows you to control who can send email messages to you (via the WhiteList) and who cannot (via the BlackList).

Every email received from an email address listed in your WhiteList automatically goes to your inbox.

Every email received from an email address listed in your BlackList is deleted automatically.

Any message received from an email address not listed in your WhiteList or BlackList goes into your NetSafeSM folder so you can review it. Upon review you can:

  • Accept the message and it will automatically be placed in your inbox.
  • Accept the message and add the sender’s email address to your WhiteList.
  • Reject the message and it will automatically be deleted.

IMPORTANT! If you choose to enable NetSafeSM, you will have to log-in regularly to your account using a web browser in order to check your NetSafeSM folder.

To configure NetSafeSM, simply follow on screen instructions under NetSafeSM configuration.

A Sample NetSafe<sup>SM</sup> Challenge

How NetSafeSM Works

The NetSafeSM image code challenge/verification option creates a nearly 100% blocking of robotic spamming systems.

  • Messages received from unknown senders cause the NetSafeSM image code challenge/verification system to automatically issue a challenge by sending a reply message to the sender. The challenge reply asks the sender to verify they are a real person by entering the verification code in the box.
  • The image code challenge/verification system quarantines the message in the NetSafeSM folder while waiting for the verification code confirmation reply.
  • Messages stay in the NetSafeSM quarantine folder for seven days; if the sender does not verify in seven days, the message is automatically deleted.
  • All of the above steps occur automatically on our email servers in a few tenths of a second.
  • When the sender replies correctly to the challenge, the message is delivered to you and the sender is automatically added to your WhiteList.
  • You can review messages held in quarantine any time and add email addresses to your WhiteList or BlackList.
  • You also can add contacts to your BlackList or WhiteList while reading an email message by clicking on “Block Sender? or “Add to WhiteList?.
  • You can temporarily suspend the image code challenge/verification system if you expect a receipt or confirmation email from an automated system.