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Mymail meets Security and Privacy Requirements of HIPAA

(Dec 18, 2007)-- MyMail Technology, provider of secure email, has signed an affinity partnership agreement with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) to sell and promote the MyMail service. Press Release available on Compliance Home website at

MyLegalMail, a MyMail product, has been developed specifically for the legal market and is the perfect email security solution for solo practitioners and large law firms. As part of the affinity partnership, NACDL members will receive a discount on the service and MyMail will promote its service to members in the organization's magazine, on its website, and at organization functions.

"MyMail offers secure transmission of communications between fellow attorneys and between attorneys and clients," according to Norman Reimer, executive director of the association. "Secure communication and the attorney-client privilege are bedrocks of our legal system."

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is the preeminent organization in the United States advancing the mission of the nation's criminal defense lawyers to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime or other misconduct. A professional bar association founded in 1958, the NACDL has more than 12,800 direct members and 94 state, local, and international affiliate organizations with another 35,000 members. Members include private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, active U.S. military defense counsel, law professors, and judges committed to preserving fairness within America's criminal justice system.

Using patented technology, MyMail:
-- Ensures privacy by dynamically ciphering each email message so only the intended recipient can read the email.
-- Eliminates spam and prevents phishing by ciphering all email data and authenticating every sender.
-- Works with all popular mail clients, all popular browsers, and requires no plug-in software.
-- Is the first email solution to meet demanding privacy requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and exceeds security and privacy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).